2007 was the year we were introduced to the new Cruise patented move: the Presentation of Katie Holmes. Red carpet after red carpet, Tom would arrive at some event with his robobride in tow, and like a proud father at the cotillion, Tom would “present” his wife with cameras flashing. 

It is at once awkward, and weird, and creepy, and f*cking hilarious.

Even more so when you actually see it moving. Like at the Vanity Fair Oscar party when the Presentation of Katie Holmes was unveiled for the first time. 

Photos are attached of the momentous occasion. Click here to review what I wrote on Oscar weekend. 

Pray Xenu 2008 will bring more Presentations. I love it when Katie is Presented. It’s almost my favourite thing ever. I mean look at him. Look at him all goofy in the background with his feet turned out grinning like a crazy person. 

Does it get any better??? Does it??? 

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com