Look at him in the first photo attached, glancing back at his wife, the Serene Highness of Captivity Princess Charlene, as if he can barely stand her, and can’t be bothered to conceal it. Dick.

The Monte Carlo Golf Club was celebrating its 100th anniversary on Sunday. So Prince Albert of Monaco had to show up for the occasion, dragging his nauseous bride along for the photo opportunity, the best illustration of “a smile that doesn’t reach the eyes” that I’ve ever seen. I picture him on top of her and I picture her weeping underneath. The way she wept at her wedding. Few things are as tragic a woman weeping under a man. Or beside him at the altar right after she’s been bound to him for life.

Photo Assumption says she’s hoping her drugs kick in soon. On his side he’s wondering how many more times he has to try before his seed finally takes hold. That’s exactly the kind of bitch Life can be. Imagine if they faked a pregnancy and a baby? I can think of a few famous people who could consult on that.

Photos from Wenn.com