Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene and her husband Prince Albert of Monaco don’t appreciate that we keep thinking that she’s being held prisoner in a white castle. They insist that Charlene did not try to escape three times before her wedding and eventually had her passport confiscated and have filed papers in French court against L’Express Magazine for fuelling what they call “false rumours” about their relationship.

Why is the monarch dickhead feeling so brave? Well, there’s the whole News of the World situation which has emboldened him against the press. And some say he’s worked out a little arrangement with the third baby mother who said he was the father. One pro-Albert version of the story will be publicised, the other will be taken care of with a big cheque.


The media may not be allowed to get away with everything. But rich people? Obscenely rich heads of state? Almost always.

As for those “false rumours” – let’s watch again, let’s watch their Highnesses show us that that was the happiest day of their lives.

File photo from Wenn.com