Today is Monaco National day. In celebration, Prince Albert and Charlene of Serenity brought the twins out on the palace balcony to wave at their public.

As you can see, one of the babies has a soother. That’s not remarkable. What’s notable to me about this is that the child is allowed to be photographed with a soother. When Big G was born, there were stories coming out of England that Will and Kate were being discouraged from giving Big G a soother/pacifier, or, as they call it over there, a “dummy”, and while he’s not photographed often, I don’t recall seeing him with one – do you? You know those English royals. They have weird hang-ups about how they should be represented. Clearly the Grimaldis aren’t that tight-assed about it.

Also, check out how tactile Charlene is with her child. The open kisses on the hand, the side of the head (even I can admit babies smell really good in that spot) – she’s in love with her kids, again not remarkable. But as we’ve seen through the year, since their arrival, it’s totally changed her public demeanor. Sad Serenity no more.