Dear Gossips,

Thanks for the emails and tweets you’ve been sending about the Annual Gingerbread House vote. It’s happening today – except instead of posting all the pictures and descriptions in the introduction, it’s getting its own post. This is the 5th anniversary. Please know how much I appreciate that you look forward to it and that you take the time to send your messages, that you take time to offer your comments.

The people must vote!

Can’t wait to know your reactions.

But first. Have a look at Prince Albert and Princess Serenity Charlene’s Christmas card with the twins, Jacques and Gabriella. It was taken last month at Roc Angel and, um, am I allowed to say I’m not that impressed with their Christmas tree? Like if that was in my house, fine. But if I’m a royal, I feel like my Christmas tree should be straight up ROYAL. Also, why are there cotton balls coming down from the ceiling?

It’s all made worth it though by the look on Prince Jacques’ face. Prince Jacques is one of us. He has the judgy gene. And one day, when he turns this expression upon Big G of England, I hope we’re all there to see it.

Yours in gossip,