Prince Albert of Monaco celebrated 10 years on the throne this weekend. The twins were brought out for the occasion. And his wife, the Serene Charlene, even spoke French for the first time in public, taking the microphone to tell him:

"[Prince] Albert I was the Explorer, Rainier III was the Prince-Builder, and you are the Prince of Hearts, of my heart."

He cried. And she didn’t look at him with disdain. Unlike the time she cried, four years ago, during their wedding ceremony and he was embarrassed.

Serenity's French, understandably, is rough. But she tried. And he knows. This performance was impressive. Her performance over the last year has been really convincing. I mean there’s Kate Middleton, who’s almost robotic in how well she executes her royal responsibilities, and then there’s Charlene, who, as we’ve seen, has struggled, but who is now becoming, clearly, like Kate, the monarch’s most valuable asset.