Prison Bride’s Chistmas present

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 19, 2011 16:58:04 December 19, 2011 16:58:04

This is Monaco’s Prince Albert participating in the traditional Christmas bath yesterday in, I guess?, royal swimwear?

And a blue bathrobe.

Just in case you were wondering what Charlene of Serenity goes to bed with every night.

Speaking of Her Highness of Prison, she was allowed to go to Germany this weekend for a charity gala. Just me or has the holiday spirit warmed her face? She doesn’t look as… despondent…as she used to. I mean, I’m not saying she’s as cheerful as a caroler but …better, right? Or is that because she’s not looking at his shrivelled bits coming out of the water?

Can we go back to him coming out the water?

Not to sound like my ass is as tight as the Queen’s but this…it’s just so very unbecoming from a monarch, non? My friend Lorella pointed it out last week with his Santa Claus tie - is it appropriate for a Prince to be wearing a joke tie? Picture William when he ascends the throne one day - would he wear a joke tie??? Would he jump into the water in Florida retirement trunks? OH MY GOD!

Wenn, Splash, Andreas Rentz/Pool/Getty

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