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Charles in charge? Possible title. Also, King Charles takes control. Sure.

How about Charles the megalomaniac?

It's been reported by the Daily Beast that Prince Charles is making moves as the royal family begins transitioning leadership. The Queen has apparently agreed to have her communications folded into Charles public relations team. And Charles is also taking over his children's PR too. Supposedly he's not happy about all the attention we pay to William, Kate, and Harry and while we obsess about their clothes and girlfriends and babies, it's distracting us from what Charles thinks we should care about -- plants and architecture. Word is, in seizing control of the young royals' PR plans, he's trying to send a message to the media, shutting down the tone of the coverage that his kids have enjoyed, an attempt to redirect the discussion. And weaken their positions?

Some are speculating that Charles is threatened by the popularity of Will, Kate, and Harry. And that what he's really doing is muzzling them, putting himself in the glory spot and refusing to share.

Fine. You can try. But, really, just because Charles is attempting to restrict our access to the young royals, it doesn't mean we'll stop caring and it certainly doesn't mean we'll care more about him. Please.

He was like this with Diana, wasn't he? He tried to hold her down.

When I am king
You will be first against the wall

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