The Queen hosted a Christmas lunch yesterday at Buckingham Palace for members of the Royal Family. Big G arrived with this ma and his uncle Prince Harry.

Look at him, with his curls and his baby collar, staring out the window with his chin in his hand. That’s trouble. That’s a grumpy ass Big G heading to great granny’s in a mood. What’s this all about? Could it be that there’s another cute, round junior ME ME MEing Big G’s spotlight.

I’m telling you. That BB-8 will take every single spotlight.

Anyway, while at Her Majesty’s luncheon, Katy Cambridge performed her first duties as Honorary Air Commandant of the Air Cadets (as Prince Philip has retired from the post) and was presented with a book by Cadet Sergeant Tommy Dade and Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty. I’ll just play Duana here and ask the question: at what age do you go from being “Tommy” to “Tom”? Ever?

Now that that’s done, I’ll just get straight up inappropriate. Because as you can see, Sergeant Tommy is kind of attractive. Tall, lean, fills out his sweater nicely. Has Princess Catherine completely shut down that part of her brain? At any point during this conversation, does it cross her mind that she’s talking to a young, hot guy?

Relax. I’m not saying she can’t do her job when there’s a hot guy around. I can do my job when there’s a hot guy around and you can too. But I still notice the hot guy is the point. Does she?