Princess Catherine took Big G to the Natural History Museum in London last Thursday. That little curl on the side of his head kills me. There’s only one shot available so my guess is that someone creeped this photo and sold it to an agency. Another reason I don’t think this is a “sanctioned” royal photo is that Kate’s bending over and you can see some skin exposed at her back between her pants and her sweater. Not royal proper. Like if this was a setup, endorsed by the Cambridge PR team, I have a hard time believing they would have signed off on it, even though, obviously, it’s FINE… but they have different standards, you know?

Why did I just waste an entire paragraph talking about that?

The focus here is on Big G who toured the museum with his ma and learned about the dinosaurs which, well, it’s quite a risk with this one. There are precious artifacts full up all over that place. And you know Big G. Big G is Prince Smash. You see that expression on his face, his shifty eyes. That kid is looking to destroy thousands of years of history.

Anyway, after a full day of official engagements yesterday, including the Bond premiere, Kate was back out today touring a child mentoring programme in Islington. This, I think, is the same hair as last night, just with the loops taken out.