Did Big G know that some levity was necessary today and come out for a smile? Big G thinking of others! Well, he apparently loves airplanes. And so he joined his parents today at the Royal International Air Tattoo for a visit. But that’s the amazingness of Big G’s life – even when he’s doing what he wants to do, he’s bringing happiness to others. My existence is a gift to my people.

G looked like he had a pretty good time in his cute blue earphones and agreeably let his mother convince him that he should wave to his public.

At one point though, something didn’t meet his standards and he started wailing:

That’s our boy, making sure he’s heard, reminding you, in case you could ever forget, that he is the one true boss. Look at this expression below, by the way. It’s the Big G scowl. I would not want to be the recipient of that scowl.