All four Cambridges are in Canada right now on a royal tour of our country’s west coast. Will and Kate will be homebasing in Victoria with day trips here and there while Big G and Charlotte hang back at Government House. Kate wore a white and red Alexander McQueen on Sunday – one of her best outfits in a long time – and the two visited Sheway, a pregnancy outreach program, but the big story from their trip so far is how Big G, unlike the rest of the world, had no time for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau has become somewhat of an international sensation since taking office last year. He’s tall, he’s goodlooking, he’s got a bromance going with Obama – just last week he did a video with Buzzfeed about internet haters. But, clearly, Big G isn’t impressed. Big G won the internet by showing up for his meeting with Obama like a true pimp in a monogrammed bathrobe:

So, basically, this kid was BORN TO SHADE. Look at the natural god-given shade face he’s throwing at the PM here!

You cannot teach this. You inherit it. It’s programmed into his DNA from centuries of rulers who made sport out of stomping on their servants. At this point, perhaps the only person alive who can actually step to Big G is the Blue Ivy Carter. Please, can someone arrange a face to face?