Big George Cambridge is now in Australia with his parents. And they’re saying they love him so much there that “support for a republic in Australia has dropped to its lowest level in three decades”. (Source) Everyone loves babies. Especially chunky royal babies who’ve been performing since the beginning. You remember that fist he stuck up in the air when he left the hospital after his birth? This kid was born to do his job. Even I can’t resist the “Bruiser”. Especially when he keeps punching other kids in the face and stealing their toys. I hope he’s the first heir to the throne to say “F-CK” with a hot mic attached to him one day.

Check out Big G with Prince William and Catherine leaving New Zealand and then arriving in Sydney. This is the first time we’ve seen him in his father’s arms on the tour. Kate described him as a “very podgy baby” today when he was left back with his nanny, sleeping. This much is evident. Those are some sturdy legs. You need a lot of sleep to grow those legs. Sleep, eat, and roll over other babies, that’s pretty much Big G’s daily schedule. I feel like I’m describing Dudley Dursley.