They are young yet and marriage is nowhere near a reality but my new favourite Chelsy Davy has clearly been bred for the position should the opportunity present itself. At the tender age of 21, Chelsy is already adept at the turn and swallow – not a porn move but a privilege move, the move so many other society ladies before her have perfected: the art of overlooking infidelity and embarrassment and keeping one’s eye on the big picture… A Royal Title.

Because as we all know, Cowboys in Calgary was not the first incident. Every few months or so, Hot Harry on a Horse rides up to some skank at some club and gets caught. Every few months or so, Chelsy is forced to endure the humiliation of seeing photos of her prince cupping a set of tits not her own on the front page of the Daily Mail.

And still she stays. She stays because she gets the seat of honour. On the world stage, when it matters, when 500 million people were watching, she was the blonde at his side at the event to honour his beloved mother. And she was the recipient of more than a few cuddles and kisses for the benefit of the cameras.

Away from the cameras, backstage before the show started, Harry and Chelsy slipped into a Range Rover by themselves for a suspiciously long while perhaps getting reacquainted after spending weeks apart, or perhaps for a little toot toot to calm his nerves before the big show, or perhaps to scrap it out since they’d not had a chance to since his little Canadian escapade. Several promises later, and not looking the least dishevelled, the two emerged and were happy and seemingly as in love as ever for the duration of the evening.

Even royals get busy in the back of car…

Love, love, love.