Harry on the cover of this week’s Hello Canada - article discussing what’s become a “PR disaster” for the royal family and how his escapades with the Cowboy bimbos in Calgary will affect the concert and his relationship with his family.

Quick note on the Cowboys issue – I was apparently remiss in saying it was just like Hooters yesterday. Apparently, it’s goes WAY beyond Hooters…thanks to Sarah, a Calgary resident, for the following explanation:

It"s not like Hooters. It"s like Hooters with hotter girls with bigger boobs, more booze and more girls oozing themselves onto guys for great tips. A token move by the shot girls who will walk around the bars in nothing less (and definitely not a whole lot more) than underwear and a bra, stand on a stool and pour a shot into some dude"s mouth then proceed to place her boobs in his face for a little jiggle while he swallows it (see photo below). It"s rumoured that once a girl works there for 6 months she"ll get her enhancements paid for by the owners.

Jiggle boobs while swallowing! See attached! So classy I love it!!!

Hello Canada featuring Hot Harry on a Horse on newsstands tomorrow.

PS. Harry in Pants…Harry soooo Hot in pants!