In all fairness, his beaver bucks weren’t quite so beaver bucky yesterday...but then another dorky problem reared its dorky head and that would be the Rhythm Issue.

Is there anything unsexier than a dude who can’t dance? And tries to?

His brother knows. The Hotness on a Horse who can hang a pair of pants…Harry knows. And Harry is trying to give William the warning but to no avail. There’s the Heir flailing away to Nelly Furtado. Ixnay on the quiveration.

But not on the romance. Apparently Kate Middleton doesn’t mind his goofy steps at all. Word is, they are back together undercover and spent Saturday night shacked up at Clarence House til 4am – their super stealth attempts at going unnoticed foiled by the London tabloids.

Kate supposedly left her place at 9pm, parked her car somewhere else, joined him around midnight, had one of his aides pick up her car and bring it over before driving herself home just before dawn. And while she was seated two rows back in the royal box during the event yesterday, the fact that her family was present and that she was beside one of his best friends signals to royal watchers that William and Kate are very much ON – a relationship with about as much sizzle as the Hollywood Taupes Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, especially in comparison to his brother the Spare…who insisted that his Chelsy take the seat of honour beside him, AFTER they shared a private moment in the back a Range Rover.

Details coming….