I posted a preview on Lady Melissa Percy and Thomas Van BeeZee’s wedding on Friday – click here for a refresher. As mentioned, Hot Harry was there to support his best friend. And his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy was there to support her best friend, Missy Percy. Cressida Bonas, Harry’s current situation, also attended, watching from the sidelines as Chelsy, all smiles, BIG smiles, was in prime position all weekend as a member of the wedding party.

Chelsy was seen laughing with Prince William, still very comfortable with the future king of England, who could have been her brother-in-law…had she wanted that life. This is the difference between Chelsy and Kate – Kate prepared, trained, and sacrificed to be Queen. Chelsy wasn’t willing to. And Harry found it beguiling.

Chelsy is single now. And she was at her single best this week – the ultimate good time party girl, which, I mean, how can Harry resist. Word is they did spend time together as would be expected and natural as both are so close with the bride and groom. They still seemed very friendly. Word is he was not seen very much with Cressida. She was mostly with Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and while Harry stayed to the next day, as did Chelsy, Cressida left to go back to London. I trust you, you do what you want, I won’t be the girl who insists on being with you all the time. Good strategy?

PS. Good classic wedding dress, right? And the crown is spectacular.