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Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 6, 2017 16:46:04 February 6, 2017 16:46:04

Prince William, Princess Catherine, and Prince Harry were on the track at Olympic Park in London yesterday participating in the Heads Together training day in support of mental health awareness. Harry appears to have won the race ahead of Will and Kate, although I wonder, if she was really trying, whether or not she would have taken them both. I said this a couple of weeks ago when Harry went running with a local youth group – no one looks good when they’re running except for Usain Bolt. My friend Fiona ran a race once and her photo as she crossed the finish ended up in the newspaper. One tit was higher than the other. The skin on her face looked like it was being attacked by a hairdryer. Her arms were all wonky. She has a great sense of humour and we had a good laugh about it and 99% of the people who saw that picture wouldn’t be able to identify her again but that’s not the Princess Kate’s life at all. Is that vain? OF COURSE it’s vain. But isn’t that half the point of being royal? Vanity and pomp?

Anyway, from what I can see, Kate has a very nice running gait, at least compared to mine. I’ve been running a lot on the treadmill lately and at my gym the treadmills are all placed in front of a mirror which means that several times a week I have to look at my pathetic running gait. I run knock-kneed. And my shoulders are too hunched up because I can’t keep my arms relaxed when I’m running. If I could run like Kate I would be very happy.

Will and Kate seemed very happy together. He tried to distract her at the start line. And then had his arm around her at one point. The Cambridges are showing a little personality. Also facial contortions:

As for Harry – Meghan Markle is still in London with him. She was papped today running errands in the most “I’m in London” outfit – Barbour jacket, wellies – and wearing an “H” ring? Not THAT ring… but… we’re getting closer, aren’t we?

Karwai Tang/ Max Mumby/ Indigo/ Getty Images

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