Prince William, Princess Catherine, and Prince Harry all spoke today in support of their Heads Together campaign in support of mental health awareness. Here in Canada, we are 8 days away from Bell Let’s Talk Day. In 2016, over $6 million was raised to fund mental health initiatives from one day of text and social media activity. If you are interested in participating, please click here. At post time, there is no video of the three royals making their statements. Will post if noteworthy.

What is gossip-noteworthy is that Meghan Markle is still in London. According to US Weekly, she and Harry were in London just before New Year’s, went to Norway to chase the Northern Lights, and then returned to London where they’ve been ever since, staying in, enjoying quiet evenings at home. As mentioned yesterday, she met Kate last week, on Tuesday, with Charlotte, but not Big G. I wonder what it’s like at Kensington Palace. Like, how do pop-ins work? Are they allowed? Can Harry just drop in on the Cambridges unannounced when they’re in residence? Can Meghan show up with a bottle of wine for a girl’s night? If so, will she confiscate the hair clips?

Did you read about the hair clips? Last week, Harper’s Bazaar asked Kate to quit with the hairclips. The mini claw kind! Yet another example of baffling Middleton style. Friends don’t let friends go out with hairclips!