Sorry…I know beauty is in the eye of the whatever but seriously, strip away the MJ rip off dance moves and the boyband thing, and yes yes of course talent does account for some…but superficially speaking, if you strip away all that and consider only feature for feature, can you honestly say Pipsqueak is goodlooking? Take a close, close look – from the Alpha Dog premiere last night - is this really the hotness? Is this David Beckham? Is this Hot Harry on a Horse? Please. So anyway, about this break up – true, not true, single, not single? In spite of widespread reporting that seems to lock down a split, note that many of the key agencies have remained suspiciously quiet - from what I hear, reliable tips have been hard to come by, and the skepticism isn’t entirely unwarranted. Important to consider the origin of the report - none other than Star Magazine. Needless to say, if you’re going to go on track record…well…it’s spotty at best. According to them, Pip broke up with her just before Christmas, just days after they were in NYC together showing signs of strain (quite the opposite in fact) on Saturday Night Live. Then he spent the holidays in Tennessee while Cam was vacationing with her family in Colorado and when they were apart, Justin went clubbing in Memphis and supposedly told people there that "Me and Cameron? We"re done”, expounding the point with friends afterwards and insisting that: "the breakup is for keeps!" Not that I know him from ass, but can you imagine Justin saying “the breakup is for keeps?” Who talks like that??? Sorry, I digress. Star is also saying that Justin has started something with his ex girlfriend Veronica who also has ties to Britney. However, EOnline spoke exclusively with Veronica and she denies spending any time alone with Justin, only that she is close with his family. Still, as you know now, the story has traveled far and wide, picked up by tabloids overseas, and blared everywhere ever since, leading to intense speculation with Scarlett Johansson now thrown into the mix as a possible new love interest (she’s shooting a video with him) and Kate Hudson as well – he attended her NYE party and according to the E! source, changed her clothes after going upstairs with him. (What Kate could possibly want with a limp little boy like Justin is beyond me.) At press time, however, Page Six has yet to run any articles about a break up, nor has TMZ, and the bible – Us Weekly – hasn’t weighed in either after three long days either, waiting instead for something more from their own solid sources before confirming and debunking on their end. Then of course there’s the Boy Cry Wolf Effect. You’ll recall this also happened in June. It was practically a guarantee at the time, everyone was getting bad tips, I heard from a source who blamed it on Cam’s clingyness and others were saying there was another blonde involved, then all of a sudden, Pip and Cam go running to People to issue a denial. A couple of weeks after that, they were romancing each other in Paris. And a month after that the NY Post was reporting again that they were through because she didn’t attend his CD listening party. So is this time any different from any other time? Is it for real this time? Don’t know but I hope so and since no denial has been forthcoming, it is certainly leaning that way…and thank Goddess. Because now that I love her, now that she’s killed the Herm, it would be nice to see Cameron Diaz with a real man, non? Source