Amid reports of marital unrest, Courteney Cox and David Arquette have released a statement to Us Weekly, assuring the MiniVan Majority that all is well between them. The sanctity of their union had been questioned by low ranking tabloids Star and Life & Style, both reporting that Courteney’s relationship with Dirt co-star Josh Stewart was a source of strife. And when you think about it - why would any relationship, electronic or otherwise, with a colleague put a dent into the solid foundation these two have built? Marriage after all is about understanding boundaries. When two people mutually agree to an accepted code of behaviour, their bond can only grow stronger. As such, I totally believe them when they say that “There is not a shred of truth to the rumors about the state of their marriage. They are happily married and like most married couples, they have some separate friendships and interests.” It’s not after all the stability of their commitment but the intriguing freedoms that hold that commitment together…do you smell what I smell? And yes, your smutty sense should be tingling. Us Weekly