Leo at #1 for weeks and, as you know, I couldn"t figure out how to officially change it until now and even then I had to cheat. Nevertheless, as you can see, the Freebie Five has been shuffled. Yes...George Clooney is gone. No...George Clooney is not Digits. Nor is he gay. At least not when he goes to Mexico and spends the nighttime with the ladies. But I digress. This is about The List and George"s exclusion from it in favour of Kyle Chandler, newly introduced at #5. Kyle Chandler plays Coach Taylor on my favourite show. NOT my favourite NEW show...but my FAVOURITE show, period. Friday Night Lights. I love him. No, he’s not nearly famous enough and no, he never will be, but we all have to slum it sometimes so indulge me for a few weeks…please? And if you"re still not watching it... WHY NOT? As for my obsession with Borat - it"s almost over, dying slowly, post Globes he should be gone. Til then, B stays at 3 in between Becks and Hot Harry. Quivering thought, non? Source