Snoop Dogg says he wanted to hang with Becks but was shut down by his wife because she thought he’d be a bad influence…and can you blame her??? With all due respect to Snoop, and I do love Snoop, he doesn’t exactly make for innocent company especially in the company of a prolific cheater. Seriously… Can you imagine how much poon would get pillaged in the wake of a Dogg/David hook up? Definitely support my Posh on this one. After all, how can one keep up the appearance of a perfect marriage when one’s husband keeps goosing the help? Anyway, here’s Victoria leaving a meeting the other day – word is she hit a few shoppes afterwards to get ready for the big wedding this weekend. Nothing like stealing a bride’s thunder, you know. Or least attempting to. As for the weight thing: much has been made of late about her diet – something about only drinking diet coke and eating edamame and pretzels and sushi once in a while. From what I hear, the Diet Coke part is totally true but the food staples are a bit overabundant. Edamame and pretzels and sushi would mean she consumes SEVERAL different types of food whereas I’m told the only item on her personal menu is tomato soup…And doesn’t that seem much more plausible? Source and Source