By now I’m sure you’ve seen it. Victoria’s new ‘do. Now blonde and bimbo and weave and wavy is one thing. But short and sassy in a sea of straggly locks? Love, love, love. Here she is rockin’ a shorter version of her signature cut, lightened for the California climate, but not to the extreme, and truth be told - never thought so before - my girl looks good as an ash blonde. I heard she kept texting David during the processing and that he said he’s thrilled about the result, though he hasn’t been thrilled about her frequent trips. Supposedly she was rowing with him early Monday morning after Oscar festivities; I’m told he lightly questioned her need to be there every weekend for househunting when a real estate agent should be compiling one list over a few weeks for her to review on one trip entirely focused to reviewing the options. Needless to say, my sources say he was met with near hysteria – rumour has it she pulled out the usual: how could you say that David? I am trying to do what’s best our family, it’s so important for us to have a good start. Do you think I really enjoy being away from you and the boys??? Dead silence, allegedly followed by tears, apologies, it was all better in an hour but dirty gossips in the UK say it’s a reflection of his restlessness, and when Becks gets bored, Becks gets bold. Stay tuned… Source