OK so I feel kinda dirty. Especially since we, like, all watched him grow up. But I can"t help it. Harry is just so hot. Waaay hotter than his beaver toothed, bald spotted, pickle up the ass older brother. And if you think about it, the age difference between us is a whopping four years LESS than the difference between Ashton and Demi and it"s almost, just a teensy weensy bit more than Cam and JT and if I dress kinda young I guess I can squeak by for 27 or even 26 which takes us down to a 5 year difference…so why not??? Besides, Harry has my type written all over him: tall, lanky, boyish… I"m a total cradle robber anyway - the husband happens to be junior too and really, how can you resist a PRINCE who looks so hunky on a horse and poses with disadvantaged children from Lesotho and who smiles with his mother"s charm and looks so damn cute and sexy in uniform??? Nuh uh. I can"t. Too bad he"s into young buxom blondes with adorable button noses and huge bank accounts. Then again, that’s why it"s a fantasy five. So. Time for another Freebie shuffle. Say goodbye to Clive. Say Hello to Harry. As for who is Marcus Flutie? He"s a character in a book. A wonderful series of books by Megan McCafferty, the same Megan McCafferty who was just plagiarised by some 17 year old Harvard student with a $500K advance book deal. Hmmm…how can I get me one of those???