There’s a new play opening in London next week called Truth, Lies, Diana. Apparently the play reveals that James Hewitt met Princess Diana before Harry was born even though Hewitt had previously claimed that Harry was already a toddler by the time he and Diana were acquainted. So the press is bringing up that rumour again – that Harry is actually Hewitt’s son and not Charles’s.

Hewitt has always denied being Harry’s father. And the playwright, Jon Conway, insists that:

"Neither James nor the play makes any claim he is the father of Prince Harry. It's one of many examples where the public hasn't been told the whole truth [surrounding Diana]. At no point did he or does he claim he's the father [of Prince Harry], the press have chosen to misrepresent that. The point we're making is that it would appear that the palace and certain sections of the media have conspired to not tell the whole truth."

The truth, in this case, Conway says, is when Diana and Hewitt met. Apparently Conway found evidence that they knew each other earlier than how Hewitt described it. According to Conway, when he told Hewitt that he had proof that he and Diana met before Harry was born, Hewitt’s response was:

"Yes, that is the inconvenient truth."

There are a lot of people who believe that Hewitt is Harry’s father. And they are constantly putting up side by side shots of the two that supposedly prove it. I’ve never found the side by side photographs to be all that convincing. All I see is two very English-looking white dudes. But I was watching a documentary on the Queen’s Jubilee from last year the other night and what I noticed during archival footage of Prince Philip, Harry’s grandfather, from when he was much younger, is that there is an unmistakable resemblance there.


Don’t you think, given all this speculation, that the Palace would have done a secret blood test? Before Big G was born, Harry was third in line to the throne. That’s close. You think they would have risked that? This family, hoarding over all that remains, desperate to safeguard their royal standing, their monarchical rights. Come on? They would have ordered that blood test a long time ago. There’s no way they would have let that go without confirmation to avoid potential ruin.

Anyway, here’s Harry the other night at the World Darts Championships. Look at how many people are there! Watching darts!