I know there are a few hold-outs. Those of you who still fondly recall Matthew McConaughey from A Time To Kill, from Sahara, from before his post-Sexiest Man Alive decline and cling to his quivering past. But it’s been a year, girls. It’s been a year of incessant cheese, sweat, and slime. Of working out in public, of greaseball expressions while groovin’ at da club, of bizarre behaviour that does nothing for the loins.

And still it continues.

Here’s the eternal David Wooderson – you gotta just keep livin’ man… and so he is, plopping on park bench for some meditation in between squats and pushups.

Like, I’m all for being healthy and sh-t but the exhibitionist vibe is beyond weird. And let’s be honest – a dude pushing 40 acting like a frat boy is so not hot. Think of George Clooney, imagine George Clooney desecrating himself like this? NEVER.

And let"s be serious - is he ever going to find nirvana in Hollywood???

Bitch... please!