Lilo: the love scheme, the love lies

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 27, 2006 12:00:00 September 27, 2006 12:00:00
I can"t get enough of Lindsay Lohan and even I"ve had enough of Lindsay Lohan. So if you"ve done your gossip homework, you likely know about: 1. the reported flirtation with Stavros Niarchos, Paris Hilton"s ex-Greek 2. the subsequent leak of aforementioned flirtation to pappies and tabloids everywhere 3. the hilarious item in Page Six today exposing her for intentionally setting up the story, not only to piss off Paris but also to make Harry jealous 4. her cryptic response the other day when asked if she was still with Harry…to which she replied "Yeah" - all in the face of intense media scrutiny and swarming, something she"s now complaining about and finally resulting in 5. her imminent departure from the Chateau Marmont where she"s been living for months, some say because she"s tired of people knowing where to find her, others say because the hotel"s reputation is beginning to slide by association. And so goes another 2 days in the life of Hollywood"s most dramatic young starlet, a steep price to pay for getting what she wished for…because as I hear it, none of this was by accident, especially not the privacy violation. Spoke to a pappy on Lilo trail today, asked him about the fortuitous findings for all photographers assigned to Lindsay watch, to which he replied that sure, there"s a big market out there for her pics, particularly fueled by the trainwreck lifestyle, and yes, it does mean that everyone"s clamouring for a shot. But although it"s difficult to shoot her while jostling for position with a small village, it"s surprisingly UNdifficult to find her, as I mentioned a few weeks ago when she was in Hawaii, her team would apparently call down to the crews to alert them to her arrival. Evidently, it"s not much different in LA, even though it is possible for her to leave the Marmont unnoticed, somehow, more often than not, they always find out where she"ll be later. Again…There are NO coincidences in Hollywood. As for the big Harry question…whether or not the love beats on… at press time, it"s supposedly OFF. But I"m told there"s good money on the table *predicting* that her next play with be the Self Harm Card: the frantic phone call, maybe some pills, the desperate last ditch grab at attention, so textbook, so common, she wouldn"t be the first and she definitely wouldn"t be the last… and hey - at 20, when you"re desperately in love and shame is dwarfed by youth and inexperience, it happens to the best of us. Pray Goddess it doesn"t happen to her. At least not over the wrong Harry. Classic Moves deserve a Classic Prince. And I"m sure we can all agree that Harry Morton is certainly NOT Lilo’s Richard Burton. Photos from

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