If you’re not a Harry Potter geek, I’m sorry for the references. Less than 3 months away from the premiere of Harry Potter 5 and the release of the final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…can’t f*cking wait.

And now UK gossip are buzzing about casting possibilities for the upcoming film version of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – none other than Naomi Watts to step into the role of Narcissa Malfoy nee Black? Narcissa is Lucius Malfoy’s wife, Draco’s mother, Bellatrix Lestrange’s sister, both cousins of Sirius Black – needless to say, “Cissy” is a raging bitch with a key scene at the beginning of The Half Blood Prince and rumour has it, Naomi is being considered to play the part…which explains a lot.

Naomi was born in England but raised in Australia. Legend has it, as supposedly decreed by JK Rowling herself, only British actors are to be cast in the Potter movies. Naomi has gone on record recently to say she feels more British than Australian…

So could this be the reason?

Coincidence or conspiracy? 

And isn’t it kinda ironic? That her frozen witch of a former BFF Nicole Kidman would probably make the perfect Narcissa Malfoy? 

PS. This photo from this year’s Oscars – in a strange way, do they remind you of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes? With a height reversal? Just asking…