My summer girl… my Chelsea in London partying at Mahiki. Well of course she was partying at Mahiki – she’s 21 and Mahiki only works for 23 and under. Big boobs, skinny legs, blonde and tan…like Pam Anderson but super rich. An heiress. With connections good enough for a Hot Harry on a Horse and bred to be able to swallow his royal indiscretions…

Love. Her.

British papers are making a big deal today out of the fact that she’s wearing a hundred dollar dress from Warehouse instead of something designer and expensive. I prefer to focus on her boots. Must have those boots.


Miss London. Though don’t miss the weather. Apparently it’s been ass all summer. Not to rub it in but it’s 35 and beautiful in Vancouver today. Might nip out later for a bit of evening golf, after beach time with the dog before hopping on the red eye. Don’t hate?