Yes – the Freebie Five is still broken. I’m attempting to fix it later today. And again, just in case you’ve forgotten the current iteration: David, George, Leo, Hot Harry on the Horse, then Borat. Until today. Today there will be a shake up. Today, Leo will rise to #1, bumping David from a spot he’s held for nearly a year. I know some of you will argue, those of you who have likely not seen The Departed. And if that is the case – Step.Off. See it, then speak… I challenge you. Because as I mentioned before, even my smut-allergic friend Fiona had to quiver not just a little after 2 and a half hours of anxiety-ridden Leo ass cuppage at the midpoint of the movie. The ass cuppage is the hotness. Leo is the Hotness. Leo in GQ for the Men of the Year issue is even hotter hotness. Have a look for yourself. Obviously, there’s an aesthetic appeal. Obviously there’s a boy/man cuteness normally too Pipsqueak that automatically bridges association with the horny adolescent bunch. But the way to overcome such distasteful links is to consider his astute professional journey – his choices do NOT cater to the 14 year old with braces and a newly discovered libido squealing out in frustration at the mall. He works with the best, he is considered among the best, and the best part is – other than a predilection for dating amazons – what do we “really” know about Leo? Mystery = panty removal. Plus – he’s not the usual famewhore, not the usual publicity seeker, not the type to pull a patented “Weep & Reveal” interview, hypocritical (expected in his business) but not overly so, and (at press time thank GODDESS) has yet to dick around with Paris Hilton. What’s not to love? Oh…yes. The voice. The voice isn’t the most quiverating feature. But David’s never was either, and if David can sit atop the Five, then Leo can sit atop the Five. And so the Freebie Five has been modified as follows: #1 Leo #2 David #3 Borat #4 Hot Harry #5 George You’ll see the official change on the site as soon as I can get up enough courage to fix it. In the meantime, your protests - bring it. Let’s debate. Source