Before you look - wait. Just read first. I promise you won"t be sorry. As you all know, the Hoff is dead to me. Spoiled by success and attention, the Hoff has forgotten his true Hoff identity. The Hoff tries too Hoff. The Hoff has lost his Hoff. The Hoff is no more. However, like many strong cheeses, the spirit and the smell of the Hoff lingers on. Even though Hoff The Original has failed us miserably, Hoff The Successor is doing quite well. And without further ado, I give you Magnus Hoff, or Magnus Ramsey who has managed to brilliantly capture the art of the Hoff and make it all his own. And now - joy of all joys! - Magnus is publicly offering his services to those searching for a little more Hoff: "After having my eyes lasered a month ago I"ve been mobbed by people in Belfast asking to have their photographs taken with me because I look like David Hasselhoff and I reckon that I could use this unusual talent for PR events. I live in East Belfast, so its pretty easy for me to turn up to local events. My telephone number is 07866 411 XXX. I have a degree in Business Studies too that specialised in Marketing, so I might be able to help you in other ways." Sweet Goddess, y"all… Magnus Hoff is the gift that keeps on giving, non? There, now take a look for yourself. I"m telling you -You will f&cking die. My way of saying have a great weekend! Thanks to Kelley for the brilliant send. And seriously…I"m not kidding when I say the Hoff is dead to me. It"s over. David Hasselhoff is what he is. And he is pathetic.