Hot Harry on a Horse – for me, since they were young, from the very beginning it has always been Harry. And now, side by side, as the hotness of the spare is showcased in sharp contrast to the dork of the heir…I mean really, is there really any question? Here are the princes, announcing a concert in memory of their mother, superstar performers, proceeds going to charity, full of the spirit and generosity that characterized Diana, a project spearheaded by her sons. I STILL get weepy when I think of that day. The event goes down July 1st, followed by a private service on the anniversary of her death, August 31st, attended by close family only. Oh…and that Camilla too. As for Will…apparently Kate Middleton is the one. Though he’s only 24, royal watchers say he’s found his girl. I say she looks exactly like LC from Laguna Beach – very cute, lots of potential, destined for a life with Will and his beaver bucks? Call me Cruise, but if I were her, if I aspired to a life in fashion, designing clothing for children, high end no less, moving in that world, working with that set, somehow the stodgy life of a princess doesn’t seem to jive… I’m just sayin’… Source