No gossips…My Leo has balls, unlike Pipsqueak who’d probably hide behind his Cam and knock his knees together if true harm ever came his way. Even more fuel for the Freebie Five – despite what you see to your right, Leo actually sits atop the list, as I explained last week I still haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. Suffice to say, Leo holds down the top spot, followed by Beckham, Borat, Hot Harry, and George. So according to c0-star Djimon Hounsou, Leo heroically stepped between him and a gunman during filming for Blood Diamond in Mozambique. Says Djimon (who ain’t no slouch in sexy himself): "He stood in the way of somebody who was trying to shoot me. We went to eat somewhere and apparently somebody was threatening to kill me there. Leo said, "Well, you"re gonna have to go through me."" As a result of Leo’s testicular fortitude, the perp was scared off, everyone lived, and our loins are free to quiver in admiration. Another quote that will make you swoon from sweetness? In a recent interview, my #1 discusses his experience shooting in Africa, how he and Djimon would pass the time daydreaming about food, oddly enough what I often do while hiking off my ass fat: "We would sit there and talk about the different kinds of hot chocolates that you can get in Paris and the croissants. We"d sit there and dream like two weird women about pastries." Now THAT is adorable…don’t deny it. I won’t believe you. Thanks to Shann for the tip. Source and Source