Hot Harry on a Horse is currently in the US for helicopter training. He hit up a pub in San Diego this weekend. Had a burger and some beers. People got really excited over Twitter. This was big news. Click here for the (boring) details.

But what did he do BEFORE he left for the States?

Word is he went to Chelsy Davy’s. See? She is his Camilla. There will always be Chelsy. And according to Katie Nicholl, who, though she writes for the Daily Mail, is much more reliable than your standard bullsh-t UK tabloid, Harry went for dinner at Chelsy’s flat prior to his departure. She made him dinner. They talked. And he’s still not over her. And he wants to get back together when he comes home, only she’s the one who’s hesitant.

Supposedly Will and Kate’s royal wedding was a “wake-up call” for Chelsy. She realised she’s not interested in that life, isn’t interested in being Royal. Instead, she wants to “make her own career”. You know, Blake Lively isn’t the only one with some game. Click here to read about how Chelsy played her way to the wedding.

Still, in fairness to her, as she is working at Allen & Overy, a very, very prestigious law firm, it’s unlikely that she’s just f-cking around there all day, five days a week. I’d wager, in fact, that she’s probably busting her ass. And this is what she wanted. Whether or not she wanted it as part of a larger plan is another conversation. But she IS working. And she DID work to get in there. And so her claims that she may not want to be a Princess may not be entirely full of sh-t. And I imagine that must be some of the attraction, even admiration, that Hot Harry has for her. And will always have for her. Even when he’s married to someone else.