I’ve always said that Chelsy Davy just might be Prince Harry’s Camilla: the one he can never forget. Their last breakup was right after Will and Kate’s wedding in 2011. It’s the longest stretch of time that they’ve been apart, having had an on-off situation for 7 years. A year after they split he took his clothes off in Vegas and played pool. Since then he’s had a couple of girlfriends, she’s had a couple of boyfriends, none of them worked out.

And now according to British gossips, they might be starting up again. Harry has spent the summer in Africa working with wildlife conservations. The UK Sun reports that while there, recently, he met up with Chelsy and her family and that they’re considering getting back together. It’s totally believable that the attraction and the feelings haven’t gone away. But what broke them up before, well, that’s not ever going to change, is it?

Chelsy didn’t want the Katy Cambridge life. The expectations, the pressure, the scrutiny – that’s not her deal. She comes from a lot of money. She has access, she has privilege, she doesn’t need a royal title.  Which is what she would have to accept if she and Harry do this again. Because if they do this again, it’s not just Cool For The Summer, you know? At this point, if they do this again, you bypass casual and go right to serious. Serious for Chelsy means reconsidering all the parts of being with Harry that made her walk in the first place. Is it possible then that he could convince Granny to give Chelsy a more relaxed royal role? He’s been Her Majesty’s reliable go-to for a couple of years now. Harry’s gone front line for the Queen. And he’s done so well that he’s been polling as the most popular royal, ahead of his grandmother and his sister-in-law. That might be how he sells it. To promise her that he will continue to fulfill his duties with limited demands on whoever his wife might be. I’m not sure that’s possible. Is it possible?