That phone-hacking trial that’s still going on in England -- it was revealed this week that Prince Harry’s phone activity was being monitored back in 2005 when he was dating Chelsy Davy. Harry was training at Sandhurst at the time and wasn’t allowed to check his mobile until he was off duty. Apparently the royal family was good with their relationship but they were worried that she was distracting him too much. Because she called him 60 times once in a month.

60 times in a month?

They were 20. I don’t feel like that’s excessive. It’s twice a day, on average.

The royal family considers that excessive? They thought it was “needy”. At that age? It’s not needy. It’s normal. Then again, they’re not big on affection. Click here to read more about the situation which doesn’t seem to me like a situation but OK whatever.

In other royal news, the Cambridges were out today – first to sign the memorial book for Nelson Mandela and then again in the evening at a screening. Yes. We’ve seen the dress before. I don’t think I liked it the first time either.