Hot Harry’s home...with Chelsy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 2, 2011 16:29:33 December 2, 2011 16:29:33

After a couple of months tasting America, literally, Hot Harry’s home in England. He was out last night at a club. Chelsy Davy was there too. Apparently they didn’t go “together” and simply greeted each other warmly inside, then left separately, but still...

There’s a fresh history. I mean, she was his official date at his brother’s monumental wedding just over 6 months ago. This is not a distant affair. And, well, sometimes a prince just needs an old fix.

But Diana gave her boys the gift of wearing a suit, didn’t she? And, as previously noted, the ability to be as comfortable in one as their pyjamas. It’s the same with the military uniforms too. Their clothes are never costumes for them. They were bred to look like they belong, anywhere.


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