Hot Harry & Cheryl Cole?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 7, 2012 16:28:59 June 7, 2012 16:28:59

British gossips backstage at the Jubilee concert the other night are reporting that Prince Harry and Cheryl Cole were engaged in a long discussion at point in the evening prompting some to speculate that they may have texted each other later for a bootycall. Here we go...

But this time I’m into it.

Much more into it than the ridiculous suggestion that Hot Harry may be pining for his sister-in-law the Catherine of the William who, if you must, left the event earlier than the rest of the partying royals ...because, as I’ve been telling you, she’s pragmatic, and responsible, and BORING like that.

As for Harry and Cheryl, well, they’re about the same age; she’s hot, he’s horny, and well, it’s great gossip, to say nothing of the effect it might have on Chelsy Davy, so wisely reluctant to take on the stress and the pressure of being married to Prince Henry of Wales. Cheryl Cole would have no such misgivings. Cheryl Cole would say yes before he even finished proposing. Did you see her up on stage standing behind the Queen that night? Please. Between her and Tom Jones, I thought Her Majesty was about to get sandwiched.

Cheryl is a big ass deal in England. Her popularity hasn’t quite travelled with her to North America but, like Posh, it can take a while. In her case it took years. I made mention in Smutty Tingles the other day that Grace Jones > Cheryl Cole and took it up in the ass in my inbox from British readers for my ignorance. To clarify, what I meant was that Cheryl sang like sh-t that night. Can we agree on that?


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