First public!

If you live in Canada, you’ve probably heard of WE Day. WE Day is youth empowerment and engagement, and a celebration of youth initiative. The first ever WE Day outside of North America took place in London today featuring an appearance by none other than Prince Harry, a major coup for the Kielburgers. Then again, when you’ve already had Oprah, royalty is probably the only logical next step.

Harry had his cousin Beatrice there with him, and several friends, and, oh yeah, Cressida Bonas too. Because they sat together in the presence of authorised photographers, this is considered their first official public situation. You can see more shots of them getting close and hugging here.

There it is. That’s your sign. Given all the rumours lately about an imminent engagement, this is the perfect move to get them closer to that step. Otherwise, I’m not sure the palace would have condoned it, and certainly not an event where Harry’s promoting philanthropic spirit in the next generation. So we start them off at an easy, casual event like WE Day. And then next time it’ll be something slightly more formal. And it’s a series of baby-shifts towards an official announcement, acclimating us to the idea that Harry’s about to have a proper partner in his life who is willing to take on the life, and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Cressida is The One…?