Prince Harry went out with friends the other night in London. Not an unusual occurrence, except that Cressida Bonas, his girlfriend, was in the group. Well that adds another dimension to the “I Love You” phase in a relationship, non?

On top of when to say it and how long to wait before saying it, when you’re royal, of the Windsor House, does it come with extras?

Like, how long do they have to be together for before they allow themselves, knowingly, to be photographed in the same frame in public, at a rugby match or something...

Harry used to hold Chelsy’s hand in front of the paps when Boujis was their party place a few years ago. William of course was more careful about his image but Harry, Harry can hold hands with as many girls as he likes until he gets married. It’s another benefit of being #3, almost #4.

PS. Have we discussed Harry’s turned-out feet before? Maybe... but they’re super pronounced here and, well, these aren’t the most flattering shots. If you’re new to the site, I have an unfair, irrational hate-on for turned-out feet -- see Britney Spears. You know what would help? A puppy would help. A puppy would totally balance the turned-out feet and the middle-aged Englishman setting into his face. His nose is getting bigger, I think.