Yesterday they were telling PEOPLE that the reason Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas broke is it because she was too “needy”. Please. As I wrote at the time, it’s bullsh-t. She wasn’t “needy”. She just wasn’t into the “life”. And now, 24 hours later, there’s been a reversal.

PEOPLE is now reporting that Cressy was struggling with the privacy, that she had anxiety about not being able to move around anonymously, without security, without a crown on her head.

Cressy is now in London but she was supposedly scheduled to go to Memphis with Harry and William for Guy Pelly’s wedding. The split apparently happened just a week ago. So it’s fresh. Is it permanent?

PEOPLE’s source claim that the two are still close, “the best of friends”. And that it could be a temporary break, just to gain some perspective. Already there’s been a comparison to the break that Kate and Will took during their relationship. That break, as you know, preceded their reconciliation and eventual engagement. Some are gently suggesting that the same could happen between Harry and Cressy.

Or it could be like when he and Chelsy Davy took a break and got back together and then eventually broke up for good. Cressy looks like she’s being suffocated every time there are paps around. I’m not sure she has the Middleton in her to be able to overcome that. You?