More than Flee.

Come on, did he ever love Flee?

Word is Prince Harry and Florence with the pain in the ass last name are done. Apparently, according to PEOPLE, they were dating since June but now Harry realises he must focus on his army training and doesn’t want to commit to a serious relationship. And that’s the elegant way, I guess, of calling it what it was.

They were f-cking. They were f-cking and now they’re not f-cking because he has to train for the next few months, part of that in Arizona, so that he can fly Apache helicopters. This way he may be sent back into combat as early as April in Afghanistan. And if that’s the case, he could miss the Queen’s diamond jubilee and the Olympics. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much it would hurt Harry to have to miss the Olympics. I guess this is how much it means to him to serve.

By the way, for those of you living around the Arizona area where he’ll be stationed from October to December - Harry spent some time in Alberta, also training, a few years ago. And, well, there were some visits to the bar. There was some interest in some barely dressed girls. At least one of those girls was offered a pictorial in Playboy. Just so we’re clear on what kinds of girls. Arizona, can you deliver the same?

Attached - Flee was papped in Notting Hill on August 2nd. And probably will not be much papped anymore unless Harry goes back to her for a bootycall. Flee however is not Chelsy. We have not heard the last of Chelsy.

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