Did I just make you all panicky?

Hot Harry and Gwyneth Paltrow were both at The Arts Club in London last night. Not together, no. But The Arts Club is where Gwyneth sang in the presence of Prince Harry’s grandfather a couple of months ago, remember? Click here for a refresher. Now that she’s on what she probably considers to be very friendly terms with the Royal Family, can you imagine her, one day, mentioning offhandedly in a GOOP newsletter that, like, Will and Kate came over for double wood oven pizza? Or that Harry babysat her kids? Nonsense. G is a good mother. She would never leave her kids alone with him.

And besides, not even Harry speaks enough languages to satisfy GOOP’s nanny requirement for her children. The nanny would have been on duty last night as Chris Martin performed with Coldplay in Germany while G was out with Topshop owner Sir Philip Green who gifted her with several bags full of what looks to be Topshop merchandise when they left. For future review on GOOP? Or were they samples from her own upcoming collaboration? Rumour has it G’s to do a collection with Topshop like Kate Moss. There’s been no confirmation.

As for Hot Harry....on holiday, he’s hitting the scene every night. With friends. What friends? Are you ever curious about the friends? Take a good look at this friend here. When rich people have smarmy faces, it’s so much more off-putting, don’t you think? And then they stand next to a perfectly formed Prince and it’s that much worse.