Harry & Meghan’s first photo

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 15, 2016 21:03:19 December 15, 2016 21:03:19

Not really what I had in mind, since we can barely see her face. But here it is – the first photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, or the first photo that we’ve seen, because I’m sure there are many, on his phone or on her phone. Not that I think there were too many non-believers out there, the way there are non-believers about Kerry Washington’s marriage because she’s secretly having a real-life affair with Tony Goldwyn or Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson but still. I like that this establishes, undoubtedly, that Harry and Meghan are a thing.

They went to see a show in London. According to The Sun, there was only one security with them. As we’ve heard, Harry quite likes how “normal” it’s been – until they were busted – with Meghan so far. That he can hang out in Toronto without anyone knowing for months, and go trick or treating, and pretend he’s a civilian for a few days, here and there.

You know what’s so interesting to me about how Meghan’s been side-eyed so far in this relationship and the gross sh-t that’s been insinuated about her background, not-so-subtle suggestions that she schemed to catch a prince? Kate Middleton changed schools, from Edinburgh University to St Andrews, when she found out that Prince William would be attending there. Not that I’m blaming her. I mean, who can honestly say, if they had a chance to date Prince William or Harry, that they’d be all like, ummm… the only thing that’s important and that matters to me is his personality. PLEASE. You’re lying if his prince-ness isn’t part of it. 

Max Mumby /Indigo /Ray Tamarra /Getty Images

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