Michelle Obama was hosting an event at the White House yesterday to honour military mothers and wives when Hot Prince Harry dropped in for a visit. Well Happy Mother’s Day! As always, Harry was great with the children. I wonder if Sasha and Malia were around in the residence for a private meet and greet. If so, I’ve not seen a photo but would really, really like to.

Earlier in the day, Harry hung out with Senator John McCain at an anti-landmine presentation -- click here if you missed that post on Thursday. In the evening he attended a reception at the British Ambassador’s residence. I’m attaching photos of the place settings from the dinner because I know some of you like that sort of thing -- and you’ll note his place card reads his proper name “His Royal Highness Prince Henry”. Just a heads up for next time when he comes over to your house for goulash.

Today Harry’s at Arlington National Cemetery and the Walter Reed Military Medical Centre where he’s expected to dress in his army blues and then he’s off to Denver, Colorado for the Warrior Games this weekend. It’s too bad there will be no time for a side trip to Vegas.