Prince Harry was out yesterday at the 50th anniversary screening of Zulu in London where he hung out with a goat. I could look at Hot Harry with an animal all day.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas was out at the Art Antiques Fair and then went clubbing. Not sure about those pants. But the open-back top had to be tempting…for someone. It was reported last week that Cressie has been cast in an upcoming film. Would she have had that opportunity if she and Harry had stayed together? Doubtful. A prospective wife of a prince doesn’t act.

Which is why I was calling bullsh-t on all those reports about her trying to get him to marry her. Like Chelsy Davy before her, Cressida doesn’t come from the kind of world where access is lacking. Chelsy has money. Cressie has money. Chelsy has connections. Cressie has connections. Chelsy doesn’t want Kate’s life. Cressie doesn’t want it either. That’s his problem. He keeps hooking up with girls who are already set up. It’s probably why he’s attracted to them – because they’re not ambitious for what he can provide.

I’m telling you. TAYLOR SWIFT.