Hot Harry was at the British F1 Grand Prix this weekend. He met some of the drivers, he was shown some of the engines, and then he presented the eventual winner. At one point Harry stopped for conversation with Jenson Button. He’s the really, really hot guy to Harry’s right. Jensen Button used to date Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Harry’s new girlfriend. Her friends call her Flee. I call her Flo. Last weekend, Flee-Flo and Hot Harry were together at a music festival. Click here to see a photo. So yeah, they’re totally f-cking.

Boys like Harry and Jensen, they don’t mind sharing their girls, you know?

Flee-Flo wasn’t the only girl who had a taste of Harry at that festival though. Did you hear the story about the little Norwegian who couldn’t see and Harry ended up carrying her on his shoulders? SO cute.

Also, did you hear the one about Harry’s big brother going to hang out with some inner city kids in LA yesterday and, during an art class, after they painted a tortoise, asked them, “Should we name it Harry?” So cute.

And did you see the pictures of Flee-Flo, who is getting papped every day now, taking the bus last week? You know, Kate used to take the bus way back when she was still a Middleton. Someone is thinking ahead.

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