Hot Harry on a Horse gets his wings

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 7, 2010 08:25:18 May 7, 2010 08:25:18

His dad and his dad’s wife and his girlfriend attended Hot Harry on a Horse’s Army Pilot Graduation today. Look at him. So f-cking cute I can’t stand it. And I love him with Chelsy. I love them. I want them to get married and have babies and live in a castle and ride ponies and hide their extra marital offspring but not until later. For now, while they’re pretty and rosy-cheeked I just want them to smile like this on sunny days and be pretty, blonde, and ginger. This is my version of The Hills and Jersey Shore.

Of course Hot Harry can make a baby blue beret look good. It’s royal membership.

Have you read The Pillars of the Earth? I was constantly afraid of William Hamleigh. Every time he returned to the narrative, I’d have to mentally and emotionally brace myself. It took me a long time not to picture William as Hot Harry. Did you know there’s a miniseries? Rufus Sewell is playing Tom Builder. Well done. Ian McShane is Waleran Bigod, and Matthew McFadyen Prior Philip. That’s not what I had in mind either. The trailer is below. They’ve taken some television liberties for sure but I always enjoy when people shout at each other in costume with English accents.

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