Prince Harry joined Prime Minister David Cameron at the unveiling of the Bastion Memorial today to honour those who lost their lives in Afghanistan where Harry was stationed for two tours. As I’ve repeated many times, Harry is the best rep for the family right now. He always shows up for the veterans. And he’s there for the athletes too. Yesterday Harry was at the Twickenham Stadium to launch the Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour 2015. This is why the Queen recently knighted him, specifically recognizing his contributions “in service” to Her Majesty. He said he was “proud and pleased” and that her gift was “very significant for him personally”. What do you think he’d rather? A knighthood or the right to marry whoever he wants, without having his life partner vetted by a committee of pearl clutchers?

Anyway, you know what Harry could learn from his nephew Big George? Hair combing. I’m almost done with this hair. I need him to do something with it soon.